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Argentum offers thousands of busy senior living professionals a way to stay current on the latest expert insights and fresh thinking in the senior living business. Each Webinar series will each focus on a topic of key interest and deliver actionable take-a-ways that you can apply immediately.

Upcoming Webinars for Senior Living Professionals

Thank you for your interest in these convenient, interactive and economical training programs. We're currently working away to offer you a full schedule of valuable session. Please come back to Argentum.org/webinars in the near future to find our more about these upcoming series:


Past Webinars / Tool kits

Tool kits are available for download in the Argentum Store.

Food Safety: Creating a Culture of Clean for Senior Living Dining Staff

Every experience your residents have inside your restaurant can determine the success of your community. From the stickiness of your tables to whether your bathrooms are well stocked and clean it all starts with your employees. With high turnover rates in the food service industry, it can be difficult to maintain a proper level of training and motivation with employees, which can lead to improper cleaning procedures and potential food safety issues. P&G Professional understands the unique challenges faced by restaurant managers and  Argentum Gold member P&G Professional understands the unique responsibilities faced by senior living communities and the importance of providing the right level of motivation and training for employees to ensure that your residents receive the best service and your communities avoid potential food-borne problems.


  • Jeffrey Nelken, Food safety expert
  • Roy Getz, Vice President Head Coach at Bob Evans Restaurants and Chairman, Ohio Restaurant Association
  • Matt Koloseike, Associate Director Market Strategy and Planning, P&G Professional North America

View the recording


Tool Kit: Protecting Older Americans from Financial Abuse

On June 25, 2014, Naomi Karp, a policy analyst in Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's (CFPB's) Office for Older Americans, and Argentum hosted an in-depth look at new data on senior living communities and how senior living staff can help curb financial abuse among older Americans.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Office of Older Americans specializes in helping seniors make sound financial decisions as they age. It focuses on financial education and training as well as preventing unfair, deceptive and abuse practices on older people.

Download the tool kit.


Tool Kit: Changes to HIPAA – How Privacy and Security Affect Your Business

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 includes language protecting the privacy of individually identifiable health information, and much more. Compliance and legal experts will offer insights on the current state and history of HIPAA, discuss who needs to comply in assisted living, provide guidance on performing a risk assessment, outline enforcement and audit preparation, highlight modifications to the law and detail what’s at stake on the state and federal levels.


Download the tool kit.


Tool Kit: Intimacy and Sexuality in Senior Living

Learn the goals and importance of establishing a sexual intimacy guideline expression policy. Develop your strategy for gauging resident cognitive awareness regarding sexual engagement and identify appropriate interventions.


  • Sandi Flores, Director of Clinical Services, Senior Resource Group LLC
  • Kelly Scott, Vice President of Program Integration and Innovation, Emeritus Senior Living
  • Sara Padilla, National Director of Quality Services, Emeritus Senior Living

Download the tool kit.

Tool Kit: Utilizing Online Marketing to Generate & Close Sales Leads

More seniors and their adult children are using the internet than ever before. Are your company's online strategies set up to take advantage of this ubiquitous resource? Learn best practices and develop a strategy that will set your communities up for success.

Download the tool kit.

Protecting Our Residents: Establishing Partnerships For Effective Elder Abuse Prevention And Detection

The safety and security of its residents is always a senior living provider's number one concern. Senior living professionals will learn strategies for elder abuse prevention, detection, and reporting and explore methods for strengthening their efforts through effective collaboration with state ombudsman programs.

Visit Argentum.org/elderabusewebinar to watch a recording of this webinar.

Managing the Employer Mandate: Health Care Reform

Health-care reform has begun. Are you, as an employer, informed about your obligations and ready to take action? Argentum’s risk management and insurance Business Service partner, Willis North America, will explore the timeline of deadlines and discuss key actions employers should consider to ensure compliance.

Download the tool kit to view the presentation and read the health care reform timeline, a guide for employers to navigate upcoming changes to health care law.

The ABCs of IBC: Aligning Assisted Living Regulations & Building Codes

The disconnect between assisted living regulations and building codes is causing confusion and finger pointing, resulting in increased expense and, more important, frustration among residents who simply wish to remain in their assisted living home. Now is the time for senior living to find ways to educate state regulators, building inspectors, and fire marshals about the disconnect and align regulations and codes.

This webinar will explore the source of disconnects and outline strategies and tactics to fix them both at a company and community level.

Download the tool kit to view the presentation and read the whitepaper Solutions to Align Assisted Living Regulations and Building Codes.

The Green Wave: Catch It Now To Save Money And Enhance Reputation

In February 2012, Argentum invited senior living CEOs, SVPs and Executive Directors to learn the business case for energy intervention by positioning energy as a controllable, investment-grade opportunity.

You can view details related to the Webinar, and/or download the taped recordings, PowerPoint presentations and survey results via the tool kit in the Argentum Store. Members can download The Green Wave Senior Living Energy Management Tool Kit at no charge, and non-members can purchase for a one-time fee.

  • Session 1: Energy, A Controllable Cost
  • Session 2: Case Studies In Energy Conservation ROI
    • Sustainable Construction And Development
    • Setting and Achieving Energy Goals
    • Energy Recognition To Brag About
  • Session 3: Benchmarking Energy Use


Bed Bug Webinar

In November, 2012, 100 senior living professionals signed up for the Bed Bug 101 Webinar, and another group of individuals continued their training via the NAB certified Advanced Webinar Series: Effective Bed Bug Detection and Management in Senior Living Communities. Orkin Commercial Services, Willis, LLC, and Elmcroft Senior Living all presented a wealth of information to provide senior living companies the necessary tools to minimize the risk of a bed bug infestation and manage bed bugs if found in their community.

Download the Effective Bed Bug Detection and Management in Senior Living Communities Tool Kit to watch the full, recorded Webinar series and acquire tools such as: a sample bed bug policy, Argentum’s Top 10 Bed Bug Management Tips, a sample checklist and more.  

We'd love to hear your feedback!

Jaclyn Vann, CAE 
VP, Marketing

NAB Approval:

Argentum is a Certified Sponsor of professional continuing education with the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB).  To comment on Argentum's Webinar programs, please email cecomments@nabweb.org. Please note, state licensure boards have final authority on the acceptance of individual course CEUs.


Argentum reserves the right to adjust the Webinar Series program without notice.

Any reference to a product or service in this educational program does not imply Argentum or its continuing education approval agencies, the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB), endorse said product.

Argentum does not warrant that this educational program certifies a senior living professional’s competence in the topic at hand. Argentum and any other parties involved in the presentation of educational programs and preparation of Argentum tool kits are not responsible for errors or omissions in information provided or any actions resulting from the use of such information. Senior living professionals are encouraged to confirm the information contained within Argentum educational programs and publications with other reliable sources.

The information contained in Argentum's educational programs is not intended as a substitute for legal or professional advice. Please discuss any information gathered from this or any other Argentum educational programs with your legal counsel in the context of your particular situation before implementing any new policies or procedures.

Argentum works to ensure that the information provided on its website and through educational programs is accurate. Argentum disclaims any liability, loss or damage incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use of Argentum's educational programs.


No airlines. No travel. No wasted time here. Get right to the heart of the matter in an hour block designed to easily fit into your busy schedule.


Have your questions answered by leading experts in the field.


Argentum's live Webinar trainings provide money-saving, impactful tactics that you can start implementing. Executives serving with Argentum provider member companies enjoy special savings.

NAB CEU Certified

Many of the Webinars that Argentum offers qualify for CEU credit by the National Continuing Education Review Service (NCERS) of the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB). Just another perk to add to the list!

BED Bug Tool Kit
Bed Bugs in Senior Living

Learn about the causes of bed bug infestations and how to reduce the chances of one striking your community. You will also gain an understanding of new litigation threats that surround bed bug infestations and build a risk management plan for dealing with this pest.

Purchase the Bed Bug Tool Kit. Published December 1, 2012.


Can't make the live Webinars? Purchase a recording of the Webinar instead from the Argentum store.