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Tool Kits

ALFA Tool Kits

The Green Wave Senior Living Energy Tool Kit

​The green wave of making buildings more energy efficient and environmentally friendly is now breaking upon the shores of the senior living industry. Early adopters are demonstrating that cost-effective energy savings of 30 percent are possible with no loss of comfort. Learn the business case for energy intervention by positioning energy as a controllable, investment-grade opportunity.This 150 page tool kit is based on the February 2013, NAB CEU certified webinar series, The Green Wave: Catch It Now To Save Money And Enhance Reputation, A Greener Future For The Senior Living Industry.

Published March 2013.
FREE for 
Argentum members. Download the The Green Wave Senior Living Energy Tool Kit
$150 for Nonmembers
 Purchase Now in the Argentum Store.

Aligning Assisted Living Regulations and Building Codes Tool Kit

This tool kit is designed to educate providers, architects and others about new International Building Code (IBC) requirements allowing assisted living providers to serve residents requiring assistance with evacuation. It delves into alternative approaches that can be adopted at a statewide level or at an individual project level to convince authorities that assisted living communities can safely care for residents needing assistance.

Published April 2013.
FREE for 
Argentum members. Download the Aligning Assisted Living Regulations and Building Codes Tool Kit

$250 for Nonmembers Purchase Now in the Argentum Store.

Argentum Grassroots Advocacy Guide and Tool Kit

The new Argentum Grassroots Advocacy Guide & Tool Kit delivers critical information for assisted living supporters and activists at the local, state, and federal levels. Content is easy to read and communicate to others and includes information such as: why providers are critical to the advocacy process; strategies for effectively organizing meetings; tips for developing relevant talking points; strategies for engaging family members; and contact information for legislators.

Published April 2012.
FREE for
Argentum members. Download the Grassroots Advocacy Guide and Tool Kit.
$99 for Nonmembers
Purchase Now in the Argentum Store.


Emergency Preparedness Tool Kit

Responding to a crisis can be one of the most challenging situations you will face as the leader or Executive Director of a senior living community. Being as prepared as possible will help you meet that challenge, and using this guide will help you create an emergency response plan that best meets the needs of your residents. This tool kit provides the information and resources leaders need to prepare for the unexpected. Number of Pages: 32; available in PDF format only; Published September 2010. Download a preview of the tool kit.

Published September 2010.
FREE for
Argentum members. Download the Emergency Preparedness Tool Kit.
$99 for Nonmembers. Promotion- $49 through July 31!
Purchase Now in the Argentum Store.


The Employee Free Choice Act Inoculation Guide and Tool Kit

Senior living providers nationwide now have access to a must-have resource for preparing for the so-called Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) if passed by Congress and signed by President Obama. This resource will help protect employees from potentially coercive or intimidating situations. The  EFCA 2009 Inoculation Took Kit includes an easy to use guide to the proposed legislation so that providers can start preparing now to protect their communities, residents and employees form the negative consequences of EFCA. The kit includes a summary of EFCA and how it changes union organizing, training materials for team members, vulnerability checklists, tip sheets and much more.

Published 2009.
Argentum Members. Download EFCA Innoculation Guide and Tool Kit.
$99/Nonmembers Purchase Now in the Argentum Store.

Consumer Guide to Arbitration

Learn about Arbitration and how it affects residents and communities.

Published December 2009.
FREE/Argentum Members and Nonmembers.
 Download the Consumer Guide to Arbitration.

Arbitration Best Practices for Assisted Living Communities

Argentum is working to ensure that the U.S. Congress is fully informed about the merits of pre-dispute arbitration and the negative impact it would have on providers and the seniors they serve if pre-dispute arbitration was prohibited. In the interim, Argentum has developed an Arbitration Best Practices program for your use.

Published  2009.
Only available to Argentum Members.
 Download the Arbitration Best Practices Tool Kit.

Media Relations Guide and Tool Kit

The new Argentum Media Relations Guide & Tool Kit starts with strategies for tapping media outlets and newsfeeds and ends with valuable templates for hosting TV events, writing letters to the editor or op-ed articles, and releasing written statements on various topics. The tool kit also addresses strategies for crisis communications and working with outside communications and public relations professionals.

Published July 2008.
Argentum Members; Download the Media Relations Guide and Tool Kit.
Purchase Now in the Argentum Store.

Front-line Caregiver Retention Guide

This tool kit provides information to help assisted living communities reduce turnover and ensure the best and most reliable care for residents. It provides a blueprint of practical steps, ideas, and examples to develop an A+ program. The tool kit includes in-depth examination of such human resource issues as orientation and culture adoption, salaries, benefits, health insurance, retirement, wellness programs, child care and adoption benefits, flextime and job sharing, and awards and incentives. The kit also discusses training, professional development and mentoring, uses of surveys and technology, and a list of resources for more information on retention-related strategies.

Published 2008.
Argentum Members. Download the Front-Line Caregiver Retention Guide.
$99/Nonmembers. Purchase Now in the Argentum Store.

Labor Unions and Senior Living

A three-year industry-wide action plan developed in 2006 to respond to SEIU efforts to undermine the assisted living industry and drive a wedge between our residents and their caregivers. Also includes tools to address organizing campaigns.

Published 2007.
Argentum Provider Member. Download the Labor Unions and Senior Living Tool Kit.
$99/Nonmember Providers; Purchase Now in the Argentum Store.

Hospice Services for Assisted Living Residents

This tool kit, which was developed in partnership with the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO), includes three sections with information for assisted living providers, hospice providers, and consumers. The first section, About Assisted Living, is a guide for hospice providers who are interested in becoming more familiar with the assisted living industry, types of communities, resident profiles, health profiles, average monthly rates, and more. The second section, Living With Dignity, is a consumer's guide to assisted living and end-of-life planning. The third section, About Hospice, provides provides a guide for providers interested in learning more about hospice care.

Published June 2007.
FREE for Argentum members. Download the Hospice Services for Assisted Living Residents Tool Kit.
$99/Nonmembers; Purchase Now in the Argentum Store.

BED Bug Tool Kit
Bed Bugs in Senior Living

Learn about the causes of bed bug infestations and how to reduce the chances of one striking your community. You will also gain an understanding of new litigation threats that surround bed bug infestations and build a risk management plan for dealing with this pest.

Purchase the Bed Bug Tool Kit. Published December 1, 2012.

SENIOR Living Jobs
senior living professionals

Passion. Dedication. Drive. Three words that describe senior living professionals. Access the Senior Living Career Center to search an exclusive online database containing job postings from across the healthcare and senior living industry. If you are looking for a new position or are ready to take the next step in your career, we can help. Search job openings.

Argentum Tool Kits
Emergency Preparedness Tool Kit

Each day you give peace of mind to your residents and their families. Now, how about some peace of mind for you and your staff?

Argentum's Emergency Preparedness Executive Tool Kit offers tips, templates and the information you need to prepare for issues of all types. It is great on its own or use it to enhance your existing plans.

Prepare today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having an emergency plan to turn to when it is needed most. Visit the Argentum Store now.