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Senior Living Career Center

Asssted Living Jobs

In keeping with our commitment to providing the best recruitment resources to the senior living industry, ALFA is pleased to offer an expanded and revamped Senior Living Career Center. It offers greater ease of use and more options to better connect senior living companies with qualified  candidates.

How Can We Help You?

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Access an exclusive database containing job postings from across the healthcare and senior living industry. If you are looking for assisted living employment or a are ready to take the next professional step in your career, we can help.

Senior living professionals: Learn more about the career center.

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Target your recruiting efforts and reach qualified senior living professionals easily. Search for individuals based on specific qualifications and create online resume agents to have eligible candidates emailed directly to you.

Employers/Recruiters: Learn more about the career center.

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Employer Case Study

The Situation
Brightview Senior Living currently operates 21 communities in the eastern United States, with 2 more opening in Maryland this year. It plans to open 4-5 communities over the next 2 years. As a result, it needs to hire a significant number of executives and department heads to lead their communities — but, seeks high quality applications and interest, reducing hours of screening time.

The Solution
“Brightview Senior Living relies on effective technology to aid in company-based screening initiatives that ensure the highest quality candidates rise to the top. When selecting associates, we look for someone who has demonstrated the ability to lead and embrace our core values of Service, Teamwork, Action, Reputation and Success (STARS). We have chosen to partner with the Senior Living Career Center as a means to connect us with qualified senior living professionals more efficiently than generic job boards unassociated with the healthcare industry. We are using the career center to find our company’s next leaders.”

Vicki Kramer
Talent Manager
Brightview Senior Living

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Jaclyn Allmon, Assisted Living Federation of America Jaclyn Allmon, CAE LinkedIn icon
VP, Marketing & Communications


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