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Senior Living by Design Awards

senior living by design award


The period for nominations has closed for 2016.​

The 2016 Senior Living by Design Award winners will be published in the November/December issue of Senior Living Executive.

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Seek recognition for your innovations 

Through Argentum’s 5th Annual Senior Living by Design Awards, senior living architects and communities are sharing their success stories that demonstrate innovation in providing residents wellness services, access to community, and safety in an environment that allows them to engage while they age. Nominations are open to members and nonmembers of Argentum.  

Hospitality Design

  • Accommodate needs through amenities like pet parks, banks, performance theaters, chapels, gift shops, and gardens
  • Engage residents through cooking demonstration kitchens and provide opportunity for participation in food preparation
  • Captivate through sight, sound, and touch stimuli

Engaging Common Spaces

  • Redefine space allowing for private suites that surround one great room, eliminating hallways
  • Appeal to multiple generations and visitors
  • Connect neighbors in the broader community
  • Connect families with youth through private patios near public spaces such as playgrounds

Universal Design

  • Allow easy access to people with and without disabilities

  • Emphasize openings vs. door

Sustainable Design

  • Utilize sustainable building materials


Kayla McAlindin 
Program Coordinator

        Argentum Design Competition Call for Submissions

        Argentum Design Competition Call for Submissions

Scott Narug 
Director of Sales