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Public Policy News and Updates

Articles on senior living
The following articles are designed to educate and inform senior living professionals of legislation, regulations, hearings and advocacy efforts.

Ageism, Elder Abuse, Family Relations, Hearings
The Senate Special Committee on Aging is investigating whether consumers are being misled by deceptive sweepstakes promotions from Publishers Clearing...
Advocacy, Health and Wellness, Memory Care Education
An exhilarating yet heartbreaking moment in CNN Chief Political Correspondent Candy Crowley’s career was when she strode on stage to moderate a 2012 p...
The Bipartisan Policy Center last week launched a new initiative to find a politically and fiscally viable way to improve the financing and delivery o...
CEO, cheatsheet, Federal Agency Activity, Human Resources, Staffing & Performance
The Assisted Living Federation of America filed comments last week with the National Labor Relations Board opposing a proposed rule that would shorten...
Federal Agency Activity, Hospice, Medicare
Medicare soon will reimburse hospices offering palliative care and providers offering curative services, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid recentl...
Advocacy, ALFA Knight, ALFAPAC, cheatsheet, Engage, Webinars
A shared purpose brought you and your organization to ALFA, and a unified voice is a compelling tool for advocates like you. ALFA strives to provide ...
Financing Senior Living – Consumer Education, Health Care, Hearings, Medicaid, Medicare
Despite some improvement and fraud-fighting tools used by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the country is still losing as much as...
Co-chairs of the Senate Alzheimer’s Task Force are urging fellow senators to sign on to their letter asking the Appropriations Committee to support re...
End of Life, Federal Agency Activity, Health and Wellness, Health Care
Think you’re too old to donate an organ? Think again! Any age is the right age to sign up to be an organ donor, says the Administration on Aging.
Federal Agency Activity, Medicare
A group of lawmakers last week urged the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services to improve Medicare beneficiaries access to medicines. In a letter ...
Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) asked at a hearing about Alzheimer’s funding what the National Institutes of Health is doing ...
Federal Agency Activity, Health Care, Medicaid, Medicaid, Medicare
The Health and Human Services Department and the nation’s top attorney general said last week they have recovered a record-breaking $4.3 billion in ta...
How several senior living providers are partnering with health-care organizations for referrals and improved outcomes
Changes to the tax code could help senior living communities be more energy efficient
cheatsheet, Health and Wellness, Health Care, Hearings, Memory Care Best Practices and Research, Memory Care Education
Alzheimer’s disease can affect people at any income level said Appropriations Chairwoman Barbara Mikulski at a subcommittee hearing on the rising cost...
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services recently announced that for the first time quality measures have been added to a website designed to help...
Federal Agency Activity, Health Care, Medicaid, Medicaid, Medicare, Science and Technology
A Health and Human Services Department office this week issued proposals for the 2015 edition of electronic health record technology certification cri...
ALFA Events, CEO, cheatsheet, Consumer Funding Resources, Engage, Partnerships, Policy in the States, Public Policy
Assisted living community directors are smart to work closely with their state’s long-term care ombudsman, cultivating that relationship and understan...
Ageism, Facts and Figures, Hearings
The Senate Special Committee on Aging held a joint hearing with the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee focusing on entrepreneurism and olde...
The Social Security Administration has decided to delay implementation of previously announced changes to services at its field offices.
U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin introduced a bill recently that aims to rebuild the private pension system while ameliorating the growing retirement crisis. H...
Falls Prevention, Federal Agency Activity, Health and Wellness
President Obama recently signed the fiscal year 2014 bill funding the federal government, including $5 million from the Prevention and Public Health F...
cheatsheet, Clinical Quality and Quality Care Delivery, Federal Agency Activity, Managed Risk
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently unveiled a new website offering information to assisted living communities, nursing homes and ...
Consumer Funding Resources, Federal Agency Activity, Legislation
The top lawmakers on the Senate Special Committee on Aging have introduced a bill seeking to reduce the cost and complexity of retirement plans, espec...
Financing Senior Living – Consumer Education, Medicaid, Medicaid, Medicare, Reports
The California Medicaid Research Institute has profiled California counties using Medicaid for long-term services and supports, finding that Medi-Cal’...
For most of 2013, at least 25 percent of contracts for the Medicare prescription drug benefit known as Medicare Part D had one or more plans suppresse...
Although Medicare claims administration contractors have a goal to have only a 5.4 percent rate of errors in paying claims, Medicare claims administra...
Elected Official Visits
Senator Susan Collins toured Bay Square in Yarmouth, a Benchmark Senior Living community, and discussed improving the country's investment in Alzheime...
ALFA's Public Policy Positions, cheatsheet, Consumer Funding Resources, Federal Agency Activity, Financing Senior Living – Consumer Education, Medicaid, Medicaid, Public Policy
ALFA applauds the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ decision to expand its definition of settings eligible for Medicaid reimbursement for hom...
Federal Agency Activity, Health Care
The Justice Department announced it collected just over $8 billion in civil and criminal actions for the most recent fiscal year and its largest colle...