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Public Policy Brief

The following articles are from the Public Policy Brief column of the Senior Living Executive magazine. The Public Policy Brief articles review the political landscape and its impact on the senior living industry. 

Maribeth Bersani, Assisted Living Federation of AmericaMaribeth Bersani LinkedIn icon
SVP of Public Policy

Data shows this compassionate option for end of life is underutilized, but senior living has critical role to play.
New definitions, new funding, new friends, and the support of long-time allies: All these have manifested themselves in recent months. Taken together,...
Changes to the tax code could help senior living communities be more energy efficient
Initiatives from USC Davis School of Gerontology shed new light on the science of aging. Consider the ever-present budget drama surrounding Medicare. ...
CEO, cheatsheet, Engage, Facts and Figures, News, Public Policy Brief, Reports, Research, Senior Living Executive
A new study by researchers at George Mason University gives industry leaders a clearer picture than ever before into the population makeup within diff...
ALFA’s elder abuse awareness efforts bring much-needed attention and education to a troubling issue. Under the banner “Older Is Wiser,” ALFA engaged i...
At both state and federal levels, policymakers consider regulations that help ensure a fair playing field for senior living providers and a safe and a...
Confirm your health coverage strategy
As ALFA rolls into the new year, accreditation issues at the state level are quickly rising to the fore as one of the industry’s most immediate govern...
Labor issues, health-care costs, an Alzheimer’s awareness campaign, and more drive advocacy efforts.
Senior living providers can have a direct impact on the rising cost of entitlements.
State legislators look to Medicaid cuts to alleviate budget woes.
Promoting democracy among residents brings a whole host of to-do’s and don’ts.
Senior living leaders address state-level regulation, community-based care, and encouraging long-term care savings at ALFA’s Advocacy Fly-In.
Consider a case in which a seriously ill resident decides to refuse food and drink in order to halt suffering by hastening the inevitable. This is jus...
Policy in the States, Public Policy, Public Policy Brief
The state regulatory environment has changed enormously for senior living providers in the past decade. We review how, why and what's coming in 2012 f...
Senior living providers stand up to protect the most vulnerable seniors.
Congressional Outlook, Health Care, Public Policy, Public Policy Brief
Senators Kohl and Corker of the Senate Special Committee on Aging share their legislative priorities for 2012.
Policy in the States, Public Policy, Public Policy Brief
The latest on assisted living and senior living legislative initiatives in Georgia, Arizona, California, and Texas.
Managed Risk, Public Policy, Public Policy Brief, Regulatory Compliance
State regulators share their perspectives on enforcement of assisted living, risk and resident choice, and the economy.
Advance CLASS Inc.'s Connie Garner on how the CLASS Act should work to help pay for long-term care services.
Congressional Outlook, Public Policy, Public Policy Brief
While some business-friendly legislation gains traction, other important health-care reforms face opposition. 2011 expectations and insights about the...


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