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Mind the Gap Film

In 2011, ALFA sponsored a film competition (open to all filmmakers) featuring short films (under 8 minutes) about ageism that illuminated specific discriminatory practices against seniors, prejudicial attitudes toward the aging process, and institutional practices that perpetuate stereotypes about seniors.

With the long term goal of informing the public about the high quality of life enjoyed by residents in senior living communities and of eliminating ageism in our society, the winning films:

  • Demonstrated the destructive forces of ageism in society and/or
  • Raised public awareness of how ageism is expressed in direct or subtle ways and/or
  • Demonstrated how individuals can change their attitudes and behavior towards seniors.

ALFA Short Film Competition Winner

ALFA announced April 6, 2011, that ‘Mind the Gap,’ a short film demonstrating subtle ageist notions between generations, won the ALFA 2011 Short Film Competition. Jon Byron, a 26 years old Chapman University film student from Orange, California developed the film for the competition.

“Mind the Gap, in less than three minutes, shows how misunderstandings between generations can lay the foundation for stereotypes about seniors,” said Richard Grimes, president and CEO of ALFA. “At their worst, stereotypes about seniors can lead to physical, emotional and financial abuse. ALFA chose to sponsor this competition in order to build awareness about ageism and how we, as a society, can reduce or eliminate the harm it causes.”

Byron had been thinking about developing a short film as a tribute to his relationship with his grandfather. When he came upon an announcement from ALFA about its short film competition, he felt it was time to start the film, and enlisted the help of others.

We Also Loved this Short Film Submission Starring Ed Asner!

The Old Ceremony - Til My Voice Is Gone from Sam Griffith on Vimeo.


Media Coverage:

Roman Bloemke, Director of Operations at Welcome Home Management, attended the ALFA 2011 Conference and Expo and blogged in an article titled, Fighting Ageism in America:

We recently returned from the Assisted Living Federation of America conference and there was a common theme we would like to share.

In today’s society, there seems to be a lot of “ageism” out there.  Ageism is defined as discrimination against people on the grounds of age; specifically, discrimination against the elderly.  This year, ALFA held a film competition that could help fight ageism in America. 

Seniors today can do many things.  Just because we age, doesn’t mean that we have stopped dreaming; we haven’t wanted to learn new things; and haven’t wanted to stop living!  In fact, seniors who call assisted living communities home, have stated to us many times that “this is just the beginning!”

Over the next year, our communities will focus even stronger on fighting the stereotypes of aging.  As we do, we’ll post those here on our blog page as well as the Facebook pages at each of our communities. 

Follow along and help fight ageism!”

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