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Executive Roundtables
ALFA is accepting articles written by ALFA Allied Members to educate providers on issues critical to running a successful senior living community. ALFA’s Allied Members offer years of experience and a unique perspective on senior living issues. If you are an Allied Member, submit your article proposal.

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Featured Articles:

Terrorism Risk Insurance Act: Willis is closely following legislative developments on the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA, renewed as TRIPRA in 2007), an extremely important issue for our clients. We can now report further progress in the on-going discussion on Capitol Hill related to the renewal of the federal government's terrorism insurance backstop (TRIPA).
When choosing an electricity supply contract, customers have several price options. A fixed-price supply contract stipulates that the customer pays the same price per kilowatt hour (kWh) for all electricity consumed during the contract term. Ensuring budget certainty, a fixed-price contract allows the customer to estimate its supply costs each year by multiplying projected usage by the fixed-price per kWh.
“Breaking the stereotype” is how Jeff Getek, a public affairs manager for Erickson Living, describes his company’s philosophy that senior living communities don’t have to compromise between being stewards of the environment and providing their residents with an amenity-filled lifestyle.
The Commission on Long Term Care appointed by Congress to study and make recommendations about the rapidly escalating crisis facing Americans and their ability to pay for long term care, met for the first time in Washington, DC on Thursday, June 27th and the Commission’s prognosis was dire.
What is the average cost of your senior living community’s electricity bill? Who’s in charge of reviewing and paying your community’s monthly electric bills? The total cost of your electricity bill depends on a variety of factors. Here are some considerations to help providers better understand how to manage energy costs.
Multiple States Introduce Laws To Stimulate Private Pay Dollars By Endorsing The Conversion Of A Life Insurance Policy Into A Long Term Care Benefit Plan. Eight major states have introduced ground breaking consumer laws in 2013 to help seniors gain more choice and access to funds to pay for senior care services while saving state Medicaid budgets millions of dollars.
Most people prefer to age in place in their own homes, studies show -- but reality proves that's not always possible. This clash often brings family members to an awkward juncture. They need to broach the possibility of alternative living arrangements with someone who may neither want them nor feel the need for them.
10,000 Baby Boomers are turning 65 every day and the United States must find ways to address the costs of funding health care for the “Silver Tsunami” era. New private pay approaches to fund long term care must be encouraged, and converting life insurance policies into Long Term Care Benefits is an option quickly gaining ground.
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