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Senior Living Executive Roundtables

Executive Roundtables

ALFA Executive Roundtables are revolutionizing the way executives in senior living interact by bringing the right people together to solve real-world business challenges facing senior living.

These exclusive, by-invitation-only peer groups are comprised of seasoned senior living professionals from a variety of disciplines and functional areas, who meet in person and through conference calls to discuss their most pressing business challenges.

"As an ALFA Executive Roundtable Member for the past 7 years, I strongly recommend your involvement in this dynamic interchange of ideas between industry leaders. Each time I leave a roundtable meeting, I leave feeling energized about senior living and our future as healthcare providers. Roundtable members share common challenges to seek solutions and ideas from their peers, but also dialogue about "best practices" that can be applied successfully in each of our organizations to improve resident care & innovative senior services. I'm immensely proud to be part of this distinguished group of professionals.

-Sara Elizabeth Vadakin
MS, RN, NHA, Senior Vice President of Quality Services & Risk Management
Emeritus Senior Living
May 26, 2011.

Disciplines and Functional Areas


Roundtable Membership Eligibility

Membership in each executive roundtable is exclusive to the senior-most executive serving in that specific functional area or corporate responsibility. Each roundtable will consist of no more than 20 members.

Individual roundtable membership is conditional on the ALFA corporate membership being current and in good standing. Roundtable membership is for twelve months and renewable. Failure to attend or participant in two consecutive meetings (face-to-face or teleconference) may result in suspended roundtable membership.

Companies that are eligible for Executive Roundtable appointment are those in the Top 80 Largest Senior Living Provider list.


Roundtable Membership Benefits

  • Help you find solutions. Through such high-level peer interaction you will have the unique opportunity to ask questions of your industry colleagues and find solutions to your pressing concerns.
  • Open your eyes to new practices. The Senior Living industry is always changing, and through the Executive Roundtable Program you will stay current with trends in your discipline and have your eyes opened to new practices.
  • Seed your mind with fresh thinking. Through rich discussion and open dialogue you will hear how others are doing business, giving you a valued perspective on innovation, change and productivity.
  • Advance your professional development. More than an academic program, the Executive Roundtable Program will help you develop professionally as you interact with seasoned executives like yourself who carry practical know how and a continued interest in wanting to improve their performance.

Meeting Structure and Format

  • Two face-to-face meetings:
    • A stand-alone full-day meeting, generally running from 9 a.m.–4 p.m. This meeting agenda generally consists of short presentations on specific topics by members followed by group discussion. The meeting agenda also includes roundtable discussion, in which a variety of topics are brought to the table for group discussion. On occasion, or as warranted by the subject matter, outside experts will be invited to present to the group.
    • A meeting held in conjunction with the ALFA Annual Conference & Expo.
  • Two teleconference meetings — each one hour long. The agenda for these meetings consists of a single topic discussion and individual member updates of past topics.


There are no formal minutes taken at any executive roundtable meeting. However, meeting notes will be taken to record who attended and provide a summary (without any member attribution) of each agenda item. The meeting notes are for internal purposes only, and serve the educational interests of the roundtable members and ALFA. The meeting notes will not be posted to the ALFA web site for public viewing, however, the meeting agendas will be available.

Member Responsibilities

Members will be asked over the course of the year to give a brief presentation on a topic of their choice which is of general relevance to the group. Participants are encouraged to bring pressing questions or nagging problems to the table for group comment and possible resolution. Additionally, each participant is expected to:

  • Be open to sharing experiences
  • Give time to explore solutions for others
  • Provide thoughtful comment to enrich group discussion

Chair Responsibilities

Each roundtable will have a chair appointed by ALFA. The responsibilities of the chair include:

  • Convening and overseeing each meeting
  • Leading and helping facilitate discussions
  • Assisting in establishing agendas and identifying topics for presentations

Staff Liaison Responsibilities

Each roundtable will have an ALFA staff member assigned to the group. The responsibilities of the staff liaison include:

  • Manage each meeting and compiling agenda books
  • Provide logistical support to each meeting
  • Work with the chair to establish agendas and identify topics for presentations 


If you have questions, please contact:

Mike Lanphier, Assisted Living Federation of America Mike Lanphier LinkedIn icon
Senior Program Coordinator

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