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EPA Energy Star Program

energy efficient senior living

Bringing Energy Savings to Your Company

ALFA and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have partnered to honor senior living companies for superior energy efficiency through their participation in the ENERGY STAR® program.

To earn these environmental credentials, EPA works with owners and managers of our nation’s commercial buildings to help them strategically manage their buildings’ energy performance, cut energy use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. ENERGY STAR certified buildings use 35 percent less energy and emit 35 percent less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Lower utility bills mean more money to spend on your senior living community’s goals and mission while helping your residents recognize your environmental leadership.

The ENERGY STAR® program helps senior living communities:

• Increase affordability from cost savings. Conserving energy will benefit your residents. The money saved allows you to keep your costs lower and therefore enables more residents to live there, or live in your community for longer periods of time.

• Improve the comfort of your residents. Energy conservation improves the comfort of your residents because energy conservation is about providing the same or better comfort levels while using less energy to do it.

• Improve the quality of our air. Energy conservation is about environmental leadership and public health. When we use less energy, power plants that serve our communities burn less fossil fuels like coal which in turn reduces GHG emissions and improves the quality of our air.

Connect with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

Clark Reed, National Manager
Outreach/Marketing for ENERGY STAR Buildings
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (6202J)
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20460

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• Mike Payne, APPI Energy.
• Rick Avery, Health Care REIT, Inv.
• John D'Angelo, New York Presbyterian Hospital
• Michael Hatton, Memorial Hermann Healthcare System
• Clark Reed, ENERGY STAR Buildings, U.S. EPA
• Patrick Everitt, Ecova

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