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Elder Abuse in the News

Elders Abuse
An unfortunate reality, elder abuse exists, and its sources can be surprising: families, vendors and contractors, and even caregivers. Every senior living provider strives to prevent abuse in its communities. Learn how your company can identify and proactively address differences in culture, backgrounds and attitudes in order to ensure a safe environment for residents. Read recent news stories about public policy, national initiatives, and studies relating to elder abuse below.

Elder Abuse in the News

Ageism, Elder Abuse, Family Relations, Hearings
The Senate Special Committee on Aging is investigating whether consumers are being misled by deceptive sweepstakes promotions from Publishers Clearing...
Elder Abuse, Federal Agency Activity, Finance
Many older Americans and their families face a host of new challenges when it comes to finances and aging. Along with opportunities to explore new ...
Elder Abuse, Finance, Human Resources, Partnerships, Risk Management, Senior Living Industry Events, Strategy
The Assisted Living Federation of America is a co-sponsor of the upcoming American Health Lawyers Association Long Term Care and the Law conference. ...
Elder Abuse, Federal Agency Activity, Public Policy
The Senate Special Committee on Aging has established a new toll-free hotline to assist senior citizens who believe they have been subject to fraud.
Ageism, Elder Abuse, Legislation
A group of federal regulatory bodies has issued a new set of guidelines to help curb financial exploitation of older adults by allowing financial inst...
ALFA’s elder abuse awareness efforts bring much-needed attention and education to a troubling issue. Under the banner “Older Is Wiser,” ALFA engaged i...
California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed Assembly Bill 381, which allows courts to award attorney’s fees and costs to seniors who have been vic...
Those who work in care settings, have a unique opportunity to pick up on cues, elder advocates say, in the detection of abuse cases, with the Assisted...
Active & Engaged Seniors, Ageism, Community Awareness and Education, Core Principles, Elder Abuse, Family Relations, Resident and Family Services, Resident Engagement
In honor of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, Emeritus at Lake Ridge fought ageism by showcasing examples of the variety of skills and talents that mak...
The Advisory Council on Alzheimer's Research, Care, and Services has released an updated version of its National Plan to Address Alzheimer's Disease. ...
Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) introduced a bill to reauthorize and improve the Older Americans Act which supports critical programs for seniors. The l...
Community Awareness and Education, Elder Abuse, Facts and Figures, Health and Wellness, Reports, Research
A new study has found that psychologically vulnerable older adults, those with higher depression scores and lower socioeconomic status, are significan...
Negative age-based stereotypes have become a major issue in the United States, and ageism will become and even bigger issue as the number of older adu...
Clinical Quality and Quality Care Delivery, Elder Abuse, Facts and Figures, Health and Wellness, Medication Management, Memory Care Best Practices and Research, Memory Care Education, Reports, Research
Previous research has linked antipsychotics with an increased risk of stroke and mortality in older adults, and a new study indicates that most senior...
The recently passed Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 includes language that will help protect seniors from elder abuse. The law pro...
Ageism, Business, Community Awareness and Education, Elder Abuse, Human Resources, Human Resources and Organizational Development, Organizational Culture, Professional Development, Reports, Research, Staffing & Performance
Seniors face negative age-based stereotypes in a variety of settings, and the workplace is an area where ageist views can negatively impact older adul...
Business, Elder Abuse, Federal Agency Activity, Human Resources, Human Resources and Organizational Development, Public Policy, Regulations
ALFA submitted comments on a briefing examining the effects of guidance issued by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The guidance, whic...
Advocacy, Elder Abuse, Federal Agency Activity, Labor Relations, Legislation, Medicaid, Policy in the States, Public Policy
Throughout 2012, a variety of federal legislative and regulatory issues arose that will affect senior living communities and senior living residents a...
Ageism, Community Awareness and Education, Elder Abuse, Federal Agency Activity, Reports, Research
The General Accountability Office, the investigative arm of the U.S. Congress, issued a report late last week exploring elder abuse in the United Stat...
Ageism, Community Awareness and Education, Elder Abuse, Facts and Figures, Reports, Research
The over 60 population will reach one billion within the next ten years according to a new report highlighting the aging of societies around the world...
Advocacy, cheatsheet, Elder Abuse, Falls Prevention, Legislation, Public Policy
Senator Sanders (I-VT) introduced legislation to reauthorize and expand the Older Americans Act, which provides federal funding for programs that supp...
Elder Abuse, Facts and Figures, Family Relations, Reports, Research
A new poll examining financial exploitation of American seniors finds that 79 percent of experts surveyed identified theft or diversion of funds by fa...
But with growth and success in business—whether the car business or the senior living business—comes media attention when anything goes wrong. Ignorin...
Today, the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) will recognize World Elder Abuse Awareness Day with senior living communities around the world...
Advocacy, Advocacy Fly-In, ALFA Events, CEO, cheatsheet, Elder Abuse, Public Policy
U.S. Assistant Secretary on Aging Kathy Greenlee shared her insights with 140 senior living executives gathered at the 2012 ALFA Advocacy Fly-in yeste...
Senior living providers stand up to protect the most vulnerable seniors.
The Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Administrative Oversight and the Courts investigated the current procedures surrounding court appoint...
A newly released Government Accountability Office report recommends stronger screening and oversight of court appointed guardians for incapacitated ad...
Elder Abuse, Medicaid, Medicare, Public Policy
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid has released a memo offering guidance for nursing homes and hospices on a component of the Social Security Act t...
A new Metlife study on financial elder abuse estimates that the annual financial loss felt by victims increased 12 percent from the last time the stud...

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