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Clinical Quality and Quality Care Delivery

Articles on senior living
The following articles are designed to inform clinical quality professionals of news, research and best practices related to memory care, Alzheimer's Disease, managed risk, falls, informed consent, medication management, etc.

Consumer Intelligence, End of Life, Facts and Figures, Health and Wellness, Reports
Over the next 15 years, adopting healthy behaviors, developing better treatments and improving access to high quality care for chronic disease would r...
Disabilities, Facts and Figures, Falls Prevention, Managed Risk, Reports
An increasing number of people in Europe and North American are expected to use personal emergency response systems (PERS), growing at an annual compo...
cheatsheet, Federal Agency Activity, Health and Wellness, Managed Risk, Memory Care Best Practices and Research, Memory Care Education
The Dementia Friendly America program entered the national stage in July when it was announced at the 2015 White House Conference on Aging. DFA cre...
End of Life, Health Care, Reports
Physicians agree that talking with patients about end-of-life and advance care planning is important, but many also said they’re often unsure what to ...
Senior Living Executive magazine spoke with geriatrician and memory care expert Dr. G. Allen Power about his philosophies on getting older and the rol...
Facts and Figures, Health and Wellness, Health Care, Medication Management
The majority of adults over 50 think prescription drugs are too expensive and most says it’s important for politicians to support efforts to make thes...
End of Life, Health and Wellness, Medication Management, Memory Care Best Practices and Research, Memory Care Education
The Administration for Community Living has developed a three-part set of materials on medications and the aging brain, available by clicking on the B...
Many relatives and friends providing financial support or care to individuals with dementia are dipping into their retirement savings and sold assets ...
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It’s the last week to register for the early bird rate for Argentum’s upcoming Senior Living Executive Conference. Staying abreast of industry chan...
Consumer Intelligence, End of Life, Health and Wellness, Reports
The increasing burden of chronic disease is the single most important threat to the health of American families and a drain on the U.S. economy, accor...
Falls Prevention, Health and Wellness, Managed Risk
The U.S. Administration on Aging is planning on offering up to eight two-year grants for evidence-based falls prevention programs.
Health and Wellness, Managed Risk
Three million Americans receive care in U.S. nursing homes and skilled nursing communities each year and nearly 1 million reside in assisted living co...
Health Care, Managed Risk, Wellness Program
State laws mandating flu vaccines for health care workers increase their vaccination rates, according to research from the University of Pittsburgh’s ...
Featured Magazine Articles, Memory Care Best Practices and Research, Memory Care Education, Physical Plant, Space Planning and Design
Senior living advocates have a new option to help residents experiencing dementia. This initiative educates the general population about how to help m...
Exercise has been touted for its many health benefits, but a new study shows it can also help prevent or slow Alzheimer’s disease.
Disabilities, Falls Prevention, Managed Risk
The National Council on Aging Center for Healthy Aging is holding a webinar March 3 at 3 p.m. ET. "Falls Prevention for Adults Aging with Disabilities...
The senior living industry is on a growth trajectory in a climate enabling stakeholders to embrace economic, demographic and other opportunities. Desp...
Dining, End of Life, Facts and Figures, Health and Wellness, Reports
Ninety-four percent of older adults in the United States have age-related damage to at least one sense, with the most prevalent loss related to a sens...
CEO, cheatsheet, Health and Wellness, Membership, Memory Care Best Practices and Research, Memory Care Education
One of Argentum’s key imperatives is to more deeply understand best practices in memory care. To help meet that goal, Argentum has launched an initiat...
Dining, Managed Risk
Every experience your residents have inside your restaurant can determine the success of your community. From the stickiness of your tables to whether...
Elder Abuse, Managed Risk
The National Institutes of Health has launched a public health campaign on the link between hypertension and cognitive decline and dementia.
Health and Wellness, Managed Risk
Be sure to wash your hands on Sunday before any high-fives at a Super Bowl party, says a Cornell University economist who found that geographical area...
Facts and Figures, Memory Care Best Practices and Research, Memory Care Education, Reports
Eating more seafood is not linked to a likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease and in fact may help in preventing cognitive decline, according to...
Argentum has announced a key first step in defining a model for quality and accountability in senior living by introducing a first generation of quali...
Tools for prolonging and improving cognitive ability help many senior living residents stay sharp.
Geriatrician and memory care expert Dr. G. Allen Power on how senior living can support a much-needed focus on well-being and engagement.
Health Care, Managed Risk, Medication Technology & Informatics
The Food and Drug Administration has issued draft guidance for managing cybersecurity vulnerabilities for marketed medical devices, encouraging manufa...
Federal Agency Activity, Health Care, Managed Risk
The U.S. Health and Human Services Department has issued new guidelines designed to make it easier for patients to access their medical records.
End of Life, Facts and Figures, Health and Wellness, Managed Risk, Medication Management, Reports
Senior living communities could reduce emergency department visits by implementing telemedicine, according to a new study published in Telemedicine an...
Consumer Intelligence, Disabilities, End of Life, Facts and Figures, Health and Wellness, Managed Risk, Reports
U.S. healthcare costs are disproportionately concentrated among older adults with multiple chronic conditions or functional limitations, with disparit...