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ALFA Knight

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ALFA advocates are some of the most dedicated champions of senior living.  To that end, ALFA has created a premiere award and distinction for advocates who contribute across ALFA’s advocacy spectrum, the ALFA Knight.

When examining the qualities of our best advocates, a theme began to emerge…

ALFA Desires Senior Living Advocates That:

  • Believe in the Cause
    • Altruistic
  • Are Accountable
    • Righteous
  • Strong Willed
    • Tough
  • Have Conviction
    • Virtuous
  • Take Action
    • Protect the People


The program’s goals are to encourage year-round advocacy from ALFA’s membership, identify ALFA’s top advocates, and to reward them with a special distinction for their extraordinary efforts on behalf of senior living.  ALFA is offering this program at the community executive director level and above.

Like the knights of medieval history, so too must ALFA’s champions earn their title.  To do so, each advocate must complete several tasks within a calendar year before earning this distinction.

“Pathway to Knighthood”

Advocates Must Complete These Criteria Within a 12 Month Timeframe:

  • Attend ALFA’s Fly-In in Washington, DC; or attend a State Affiliate/Chapter Advocacy Day
  • Contribute at least $100 to ALFAPAC
  • Coordinate or attend a district event for federal or state elected official (e.g., hold district meeting with congressional staff, arrange community tour for elected official)
  • Send three or more letters to your federal or state delegation from ALFA’s Online Action Center


download checklist

Submission Form

If you have completed the criteria listed above, please fill out the ALFA Knight Advocacy Program Submission Form.


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