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ALFA/Spader 20 Groups

spader 20 groups

ALFA/Spader 20 Groups Raising the bar for excellence

You’re experienced, resourceful and successful, but sometimes you face problems even you can’t solve alone. So where do you turn for insight, ideas and concrete tactics to strengthen your business?  ALFA/Spader 20 Groups. Since 1977, Spader has created peer group experiences revealing the secret to improved performance and profitability.

ALFA has partnered with Spader to offer member CEOs of small- to mid-sized senior living companies a peer group to exchange information, best practices, common challenges, and future opportunities for excellence and profitability. 

Are ALFA/Spader 20 Groups right for you?

  • Are you a provider CEO who is a member of ALFA or an ALFA state affiliate or chapter?
  • Does your company operate 1-12 senior living communities with an operating resident capacity of 1,500 residents or less?
  • Do you seek new ways to improve your business?


Harness the Power of Your Peers with ALFA/Spader 20 Groups

Representatives from the Spader Group will host an information session at the ALFA 2014 Conference & Expo, to share information on the newly formed AFLA/Spader 20 Groups for senior living and how you can become part of this exclusive group.

ALFA/ Spader 20 Groups Get You Results

Learn more about ALFA/Spader 20 Groups

Jim McCann
Senior Facilitator/Consultant
Spader Business Management

Tim Phillips
Business Development
Spader Business Management



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