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Get the latest news and information about senior living from the weekly ALFA Update. Each week readers are guaranteed a variety of articles that will help you better understand forces shaping the senior living business, affecting seniors and their families, and raising the bar for operational excellence. *The ALFA Update electronic newsletter is a free resource. Subscribe to ALFA Update e-newsletter or RSS iconsubscribe to news RSS feed.

Weekly ALFA Update Archives:

Other featured senior living news stories include "Complete the ALFA Senior Living Compensation Survey," "Senior Living by Design Awards Accepting Submissions," and "New Interactive Tool Helps Prepare for Health Disaster Readiness."
Other featured senior living news stories include "ALFA Supports ‘21st Century Cures Act,’" "ALFA 2015 Conference Education Sessions Now Available Online," and "Senior Advocates Participate in World Elder Abuse Awareness Day."
Other featured senior living news stories include "Senior Living by Design Awards Accepting Submissions," "Report: Dementia and Its Disproportional Effect on Women," and "Consumers Find Ads Promoting Reverse Mortgages ‘Confusing’."

Recent Senior Living News:

Senior living communities search regularly for ways to cut costs in some areas and to boost resources in others in their mission to provide the best care and communication possible for residents and loved ones.
The Labor Department released a proposed rule governing overtime by seeking to more than double the salary level under which most workers qualify for overtime when they work more than 40 hours per week.
Hearthstone’s founder, John Zeisel, is broadcasting a new show on a local Massachusetts cable station called “Hopeful Aging with Dr. John Zeisel.” The first two programs aired in September with subsequently monthly programs. The local station, Bedford TV, posts the shows on YouTube. Local cable stations also can request the show as well.
The new report “Status of Women in the States” takes a look at older women across the country and by state including demographics, opportunities, health, and employment and earnings.
“We need someone with a higher energy level,” is one coded way of an employer saying: “I won’t hire you because you are too old.” There are many more excuses out there, and after hearing them over and over, talented older workers often give up looking in frustration.
You know you’re supposed to customize your resume for each and every job application. But sometimes, it’s not so clear how you can give the employers what they’re looking for—at least, not without being in-your-face obvious.
Senior living businesses work hard to attract, hire and retain top talent to offer residents the high quality care and experience they deserve. But among challenges in the field is the ability to understand the fair price of labor across a variety of roles and in different geographic and demographic settings.
ALFA executive report “ALFA Advocates for You” is now available for members, showcasing the many ways ALFA engages on the state and federal levels to ensure a favorable operating environment for senior living businesses through education, advocacy and development of the highest quality standards for senior living.
The 2015 Senior Living by Design Awards competition is now open. Nominations will be accepted through July 31. ALFA created the awards program to recognize innovative design solutions honoring resident choice and promoting independence.
The National Council on Aging has offered 10 recommendations to promote healthy aging. Enhance access to family caregiver support programs for veterans and federal employees and chronic disease self-management education (CDSME), which has been proven to improve health and functional outcomes and reduce hospitalizations and emergency room visits.
The Health and Human Services Department has unveiled an interactive online tool to aid community health agencies and emergency management officials in disaster preparedness as they plan ahead to meet the emergency needs of community residents who rely on medical and assistive equipment powered by electricity.
You did it: You’ve made it to management! So, how can you take that one step further into a leadership role? First, let’s consider the difference between managing and leading. Managing involves overseeing daily, tactical office functions and activities, whereas leading involves building on the overall capabilities of your team.
Communities and advocates for older adults from around the globe participated in World Elder Abuse Awareness Day June 15 to increase awareness of the problem and to empower those who seek to solve it.
ALFA, through the soon-to-be launched Senior Living Certification Commission (SLCC), will be developing a certification program for assisted living executive directors. This will be a voluntary initiative that ALFA, SLCC and the senior living profession are championing to raise the bar of excellence for this critical position.
The ALFA 2015 Senior Living Executive Conference & Expo offered 2,700 participants unique insight on the future of the industry and unparalleled access to senior living thought leaders from around the nation.
ALFA has signed on to a letter written by the National Health Council supporting a patient-focused bill currently before federal lawmakers that advances the discovery and development of treatments, enhances the patient voice in the regulatory environment and increases funding for the National Institutes of Health and the Food and Drug Administration.
Doctors discuss optimal eating plans for a woman with early stage Alzheimer’s disease in a CulinaryRx case report. In a lightly edited transcript from a Google Hangout discussion, doctors discuss the relevance of food in the treatment of a neurologic condition.
As a former hiring manager who now helps clients with their own hiring, I look at a lot of résumés. Day after day, I see job candidates severely harming their own chances by submitting résumés that do a terrible job of highlighting their qualifications and making it easy for employers to spot why they might be the right person for the job.
You’ve heard these sayings over and over: The early bird gets the worm, hard work pays off, be the first to arrive in the office and the last to leave. There are so many motivational quotes—cliché and otherwise—that it’s easy to buy into them all.
During the first few months in your new role and workplace, you are technically on probation. To hold on to your job, you have to make the right first impression and get the approval of your peers and management. It's up to you to get things started on the right foot.


ALFA testimonial from independent living professional

"Even though I manage an independent senior community, I enjoy reading your ALFA newsletters. I find informative and pertinent issues that are of interest to me as well as my senior residents. Thank you".

Mary Martin
Rainier View Senior Apartments
Fife, Washington

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