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CMS Approves Florida’s Managed Medical Assistance Program

Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) gave final approval for the state’s request to amend the 1115 waiver demonstration. The amendment allows the state to implement a new model of managed care to all counties in Florida and will require managed care for certain populations.

The new program is an enhanced version of a five-county pilot that began in 2006, with additional safeguards designed to increase consumer protections. Gov. Scott said the program will improve quality of care by creating more flexibility in the state's Medicaid system, allowing the state to use private insurers and other providers.

One major component of the program is the long-term managed care program, which was approved by CMS earlier this year. The long-term care waiver allows for some individuals on Medicaid to receive home- or community-based long-term care instead of having to enter nursing homes.

“Florida is leading the nation in improving cost, quality and access in the Medicaid program,” Gov. Scott said in a news release. “CMS’s final approval of our Medicaid managed care waiver is a huge win for Florida families because it will improve the coordination of care throughout the Medicaid system. Healthcare providers can now more effectively manage chronic conditions and work with families to provide preventative treatments.”

The Managed Medical Assistance program is scheduled to begin enrolling individuals in 2014 and is predicted to have 2.9 million recipients once fully implemented.

Read Gov. Scott’s news release discussing the program’s approval.

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