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The ABCs of IBC: Aligning Assisted Living Regulations & Building Codes

Are you frustrated by confusing building code requirements that seem to contradict state assisted living regulations? ALFA is hosting a webinar and offering a toolkit that will aid assisted living providers and developers in aligning these laws to support the growth and improvement of senior living communities.

These educational tools are designed to educate providers and others about new International Building Code (IBC) requirements allowing assisted living providers to serve residents requiring assistance with evacuation. The toolkit and webinar delve into alternative approaches that can be adopted at a statewide level or at an individual project level to convince authorities that assisted living communities can safely care for residents needing assistance.

The webinar will take place Friday, April 12 at noon EST. Register now for the ABCs of IBC: Aligning Assisted Living Regulations & Building Codes. The toolkit will be available after the webinar has taken place. ALFA members will receive discounted rates for both the webinar and toolkit.

Learn more about webinars for senior living executives at alfa.org/webinars

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