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New Report Lists Top Cited Deficiencies in Assisted Living

Need quality data to improve your communities’ regulatory compliance or information to help take your quality assurance programs to the next level?  Find out which citations are frequently issued by inspectors in your state, in this comprehensive new ALFA report.

The 2012 Top Ten Deficiencies report presents an overview of the most commonly cited deficiencies on a state by state basis. Data was collected from state regulators across the country to create a comprehensive tool for providers to gain insight into ways to improve operations and for allied members to get a better idea of areas products and services are needed to improve compliance with state requirements.

The report not only presents the top ten most commonly cited deficiencies throughout each state, it also includes the precise state regulation violated, an excerpt from the regulatory text, as well as the number of times the deficiency was cited statewide, where available. Perfect for multistate providers or any assisted living operator who wants to identify regulators’ priorities and improve current operations, this report also includes an analysis across states and identifies overarching trends.

Free to ALFA members, this valuable resource is available through the ALFA store. Non-members may also purchase the report for $250. Download the free executive overview to better acquaint yourself with the scope and general findings of this publication.

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