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Member to Member Solutions

Member to Member Solutions

If you would like to submit an article proposal for inclusion in ALFA's Member to Member Solutions site, please provide a brief description below. You will be contacted with additional information within 1 week of proposal submission.


ALFA’s members are leaders in the senior living industry. Our members strive to constantly grow and improve their practices in order to provide the highest quality senior care imaginable. ALFA members are always looking for more ways to participate in ALFA and showcase solutions to problems in senior living. The desire to both lead and learn creates a collaborative spirit, allowing providers to adapt to the constantly changing senior care sector and to be successful year after year.


In order to meet ALFA members’ need for educational and collaborative opportunities, ALFA is pleased to introduce a new column in ALFA Update, “Member to Member Solutions.” The column will be written by President Council and other Allied Members for Provider Members. The column aims to offer members a fresh, interesting, and insightful perspective on running a senior care community.

Through this column President Council Members and other Allied Members will receive increased exposure and a chance to position themselves as experts on a given topic. The articles will run in ALFA Update, with the company’s name included in the teaser, as well as a picture, short description of the company, and link to the company website included at the end of the article. The article will also be posted on ALFA’s website and on ALFA’s Supplier Guide and will be promoted through ALFA's various social media channels. The article's authors are encouraged to answer questions and establish relationships with other members through ALFA's various promotional channels. In addition to these free benefits, President Council Members and Allied Members will be given the opportunity to maximize exposure by purchasing advertising space in ALFA Update the week their article runs.

Submission Process

Please submit a request to be a guest author below along with the name and contact information of the author and 2-3 topics that you would like to write about. You can expect a response within a week with an approved topic and a due date for the article.

Rules for Submitting an Article

  • Submissions may not be promotional in nature. You may, however, include one promotional link, one photo (such as a logo), and one short paragraph (5 to 7 sentences) about your company, to be posted along with your article.
  • We are seeking professionally written articles. If needed, we will happily provide referrals to agencies you can hire to assist you with this process.
  • The piece must be 600 -1,000 words long and address a concern or opportunity for senior living providers.
  • The submitted article must be written exclusively for ALFA and may not be released in any company materials prior to running in ALFA Update in order to avoid copyright issues. (Exceptions can be made for company white papers)
  • All articles become property of ALFA and may be edited. ALFA will share a final version with the submitting party before posting.
  • ALFA only uses vocabulary that reflects the resident-centered philosophy on senior living. We ask that you observe the following shifts in terminology:
  • Room, apartment, or suite instead of unit or bed
  • Assisted living community, residence, or house instead of assisted living facility
  • Senior living instead of long-term care
  • Move-in or move-out instead of admission or discharge
  • Visit instead of tour
  • Resident instead of patient

Example Questions to Address

  • Top Ten Lists
  • Top Ten Ways to Improve Residents’ Sleep Quality
  • Ten Easiest Methods for Improving Employee Satisfaction
  • Ten Changes to Make Now to Prepare for a Natural Disaster

  • Address a Problem – Supply a solution to a problem senior living providers could face
  • Convincing a Reluctant Resident to Participate in Needed Physical Therapy
  • Making Your Website More Google Friendly
  • Reducing Falls Through Room Layout

  • Benefits and Drawbacks of Two Options – Select two options that are both good decisions under certain circumstances and lay out important factors to consider when choosing between the two
  • Changing Technology vs. Improving Current Systems
  • Expanding Your Business vs. Upgrading Current Communities
  • Training vs. Replacing Ineffective Staff

Questions? Please feel free to contact ALFA:

Robert Oliveri 
Professional Development & Education Manager